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Smart Breadcrumb - to compliment panels shown as tabs

Hello, I have thought up a new idea named 'Smart breadcrumb' .

This request would actually fully enable 'Tabs as panel indicators'. So this request is a direct update to this idea topic: http://neatbytes.uservoice.com/forums/274528-solid-explorer-2-0/suggestions/7957020-tabs-as-page-indicator-for-panels

I have thought of where this option could be placed and thought that it would not be best to put it in the Settings and that itwould be quicker to access if it was in the "Folder options" menu.

This feature option would only show available for Portrait-orientation views. Does not apply to Landscape view.

Below are some behaviour rules I have thought up to support how it would work:

++If this feature is enabled within ""Folder options" then users would instantly be given tabbed interface within a Portrait screen. If not enabled (the default) then users would remain with the default interface (no tabs) as is currently is now in SE 2.0 beta. It would have no affect on the Landscape screen orientation

++Ability to Tap on tab which will show the Breadcrumb path as a separate row beneath the tabs (perhaps semi-transparent row) with a auto-disappear 5 second time delay

++Pressing 'Back' button after the Smart Breadcrumb as auto-disappeared would show again the same Breadcrumb with the same 5 second delay. This is because 'Back' button is used to go Up a folder during normal navigation and the breadcrumb needs to be displayed whenever pressing back.

++It should not get displayed when switching between panels, Tab indicators

++It should not get displayed when making a multi-selection of files/folders because the actions toolbar would be in use, here: http://neatbytes.uservoice.com/forums/274528-solid-explorer-2-0/suggestions/6999849-toolbar-flexible-both-bottom-or-top

++My apologies if this idea adds another row to the UI but I've tried to compensate this by fully suggesting that it auto-disappear after a time second delay. Further to this if the row was made semi-transparent it would give it that Android 4.4 immersive look :)

Summary of triggering it:
1.) single Tap on tab
2.) pressing Back button anywhere within any folder
3.) smart Breadcrumb would then appear and then auto-disappear after a 5 second delay

Please enjoy the screenshots I have made and attached here and share your votes and comments :)

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  • CDuke commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think this would be fantastic for users like me who would prefer tabs on top...

    All it is doing is modifiying the display (similar to 'Show sections' option) so that the Breadcrumb would show as a separate floating toolbar that auto disappears.

    This is a consolidation of all 'panels as tabs' type requests that have been mentioned by others

    Please dear developer

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