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Solid Explorer 2.0 support forums

Welcome to Solid Explorer feedback and support forums! There are two important rules you should follow: 

1. Post ideas and suggestions on this forum.

If you have any cool ideas or suggestions, post them on this forum rather than send an email. This is a good place for discussion. There is a shortcut in the app's about section, which will take you to this site.

2. Report bugs with the in-app option.

For bug reports, please use the "Send bug report" option in the app's about section. This is a recommended way of contact in case of any problems. It will automatically attach logs and device information and send them via email. You are free to include any additional data in the message. Remember to always send bug reports immediately after the issue occurs. You can also tell about the problem on this forum, but please do it only after sending the report message first.

If you want to stay up to date with the development, follow NeatBytes on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Have fun!

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